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Sneakerscustom.com is a new, innovative way to generate income for schools, organizations or anyone with aspirations of making their own sneaker brand. The first product launched was a beautiful black canvas sneaker with red & green trim that’s an instant eye-catcher. The Red, Black & Green sneaker is quickly becoming a favorite for conscious African-Americans in the USA, Caribbean and even the United Kingdom.

We have created an innovative distribution pipeline by selling direct to wholesalers and consumers via the website. The Sneakerscustom.com wholesale program features a low-cost system for other entrepreneurs to get involved in a fast growing business.


Wholesale Program:

50 custom african canvas sneakers for $1,000 USD ($20 each). Each sneaker retails for $40 USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $20 USD per pair. 

Click here to purchase wholesale african canvas sneakers

50 custom leather african sneakers for $2,000 USD ($40 each). Each sneaker retails for $80 USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $40 USD per pair.

Click here to purchase wholesale leather african sneakers


  • Posted on by Andre LaGrone

    My wife and I are Gang interventionists and author of the book what set you fro. we have recently retired and are looking for commodities preferably black inspired. Hoodies, Jackets, shoe ect.

  • Posted on by Damon Person

    Would like to gain your trust in becoming a partner with your wonderful company. My name is Damon Person from Gary Indiana and I would love to advertise your products on my website and stores.

  • Posted on by Clent John-Baptiste

    Good afternoon, I’m interested in your whole sale program, I’m interested in the RBG slippers. I noticed that item isn’t available for wholesale, please contact me I’m curious into finding out more about this item. Thank you

  • Posted on by Willie Edwards Jr.

    Brother Mr. Tariq Edmondson ; Have talk to any NBA Black Players , NFL, Baseball Players and others Players about designing Sneakers for them ? Will you or Your people be at the KickBackz Sneaker Shows, Sneakers Con Shows and the Sneakers Pimps Shows and other sneakers Shows ? Also, Will you all be starting Training Program to Train Our Black Children ?? ????, How to make and Design Sneakers ?, like You ? Have a Blessed Weekend, Sir .

  • Posted on by Kevin Green

    I am interested in the whole sale program please contact me with futher details and how i can get started. I appreciate your time.

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