Conversation had on facebook about doing business in africa

Conversation had on facebook about doing business in africa

hello welcome \
peace thank you
pleasure to have you
am colpas from cameroon
pleasure to join the family , i'm in atlanta ga. pleasure also to meet you
woah ok ,,,,am working hard here to see word becomes action
yes we want to be involved
in our liberation
how can we work to sell sneakers and gave back as we get?
waoh really ?
do you produce them ?
sorry to say no we just designed them , we sourced them from china
ok good
is there any manufactoring in africa we can use currentlly?
no there is none
as of now
we will get them
not for sneakers anyways
we would love to work to make this happen for us
ok good , I think the first step is to create a network to introduce and sell what you have on hand already
yes indeed family
so do you have any sale contact here ?
no sir
are they new or use ones ?
so whar are the princes ?\
prices sorry
99.99 us dollar
but we understand we have to ajust the price
for africa
sure you have to
you the ourchasing power here is low
i see us importing into Africa from china
that is what Chinese themselve are doing ?
of course
we have to formulate a plan to make it happen
we can go  us dollar wholesale
if we can sell at least 5000 pairs
plus shipping
what you think?
you can handle logistics?
from port to you
yes good that is sure
yes we can effect change and finance our enhancement
I have contact in most of the countries in Africa if this is serious then we will establish a vergy big network
check out my facebook page
nagast footwear
all I need reliable mega serious partners and brothers will to promote ours
ok great
I must say you are kind of looking knowing me
got lots of brothers over there whom we are working on major plans
count us in
have you come across African Cultural Embassies ? or African Cultural Embassy Association
not yet
we're doing this because we feel like adopted children , looking for our parents, and this is a showing of our remembrance of our parents
those are platforms am heading
check out my consultung company product
where do i find it?
you mean the page or the products ?
beautiful there wow i need to come visit soon
welcome bro
I like promoting all that which is of our people
i see you working with the asians , bless up
I have work with many Asians tycoon
now I just decided to focus my attention on the black economy
powerful, i appreciate that
me and one of my Asian partner back in 2013
me and my son
ok we will make big things happen
alright looking great
sure we will bro
i'm going to share our conversation with our page almost 90,000 fans
pleasure is mine , I will make sure the brand take a lead in the continent , time is up for addidas and co
I can now proudly say it ours and is African
over years i haven't come across black business i can proudly promote , but now I think i can boost of one
to God be the glory
I have been to the pacific and some major countries within the oceanic , so we will explore that as well , once we have a base in Africa
ok great this is historic , ✊🏾
thank you for allowing me to serve
we will first of all target the southern and Eastern countries
since their buying power is bit elevated
lol you have to plan your work and work your plan.....
and Nigeria in the west , since the population will play a role too
can't wait to share this information with our people
I will use my network connection in most of these countries to layout a plan
as you earlier mention we will work on the price to suit and meet a certain class of population
i await your report with baited breath
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Would like to do some business with you.

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