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Nagast Footwear

RBG Slippers

RBG Slippers

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Celebrate your African Heritage in our red, black, and green african slippers. The celebration of colors and patterns that represent the different countries in Africa, and a great way for you to express your love for where you came from. When you walk with these shoes, walk proud because you know who your ancestors are.

Nagast Footwear, a Black Owned Sneaker Company, launched in 2015 to honor the legacy of our Black leaders and celebrate African history. Our shoes are collector's items that captures a moment in time when CEO, Tarik Edmonson became a part of our history.

“My inspiration came back in 2014, I saw all of the other big sneaker companies, and thought that a sneaker product featuring the red, black and green would make an impact,” Tarik explains.




Default sizing you see is of male's size. If you're female, the rule is to order a "minus 2" size. For example, if your female size is 8 then you must order a size 6 slippers.

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