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What Materials are the shoes made of?-Upper: PU Leather and synthetic materials
Midsole: Light weight cushioning-Outsole: Rubber traction-Uppers: PU Leather & Textile & Mesh Tongue-Midsole: Lightweight Cushioning-Outsole: Rubber

What size should I order? We have a chart for you to see what size to convert your shoe. I.e if you are a woman and you wear a size 8 in women's shoe, you would need a size 6 in a man's shoe (39 in Euro size) Some shoes come in half sizes. Please check inventory,

What is the return Policy? You may return damaged or defective merchandise within 15 days of the original purchase date for STORE CREDIT . We will only issue a refund to the credit card if it was an overcharge, sale code discount.   

What is The Exchange Policy? We will also be glad to exchange the damaged merchandise for anything on our site of equal or lesser value.
Please return your shoes with a note attached including the correct size or reason for exchange. We will have your shoes shipped to you within 5-7 days after receiving your return.
We will give a refund for shipping ONLY if found to be our fault. You must ship back priority or Express, we do not pay for that type of shipping. We will only pay for ground, the least expensive shipping it is found that we ship the wrong product or defect
How long does it take for my shoes to be shipped? It takes 5-7 business days to receive shoes in the USA - overseas shipping may vary. Express and other delivery options are priced differently. You may find out exact total at checkout. 
How can I customize my shoes or make my own shoe company?
Contact Nagast Footwear at and you will speak with one of our Sales Manager's who will provide you with info on how to customize or become your own shoe company under our White Label or Private Label.
Do you have info on how I can become a shoe model for Nagast Footwear?
Email- and let us know your shoe size, age, city and when you will be in the Atlanta Area. We pick shoe models who purchase have previously purchased our shoes only! You will get a free pair shoe of our newest  shoe  as compensation for being our shoe model.(for details- email us  )
How can I get discounts on shoe orders? Post testimonials on your page and email us your page showing the post and we will generate you a code for a $ 5.00 discount. These discounts are only valid in our off season period. T.B.D 
How can I be on the mailing list? Send email to with your name, shoe size, email address (male or Female)